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Kangertech E-Smart Kit



Genuine Kanger Esmart Starter Set
The Kanger Esmart Starter kit is the ideal slim e-cig for those vapers who are looking for something a bit longer lasting than a mini, but aren't comfortable with some of the larger models.
Easy to fill and refill, the cartomisers feature a transparent tube for easy visibility of liquid level.
There are two batteries in the kit, allowing one to be used whilst the other is on charge, and the Esmart batteries and clearomisers are fully compatible with all other 510 style batteries and accessories.
Both batteries feature the handy 5-click protection, thereby allowing them to be carried in pockets/bags without accidental activation.
Each Kanger Esmart starter set comprises:
2 x Esmart 320mAh batteries with 5-click technology
2 x Esmart 1.3ml BCC cartomisers (2.2Ω)
1 x Esmart USB charger cable
User manual
Gift box packaging

The cartomisers included in this kit are empty and you will need to fill them with the e-liquid of your choice before you use the device.
Please ensure you also pick up a USB Charging Plug separately if required.
When you receive your kit, the batteries will be deactivated, you'll need to press the button 5 times in quick succession to exit the "off mode" and enable the battery for use. To deactivate the battery for travelling, simply press the button 5 times in quick succession again, and repeat this process each time you want to activate or de-activate the batteries.
Ensure you only use the charger provided (other chargers may fit, but may charge at too high a rate for these batteries to handle).