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Mille Feuille 60ml

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Mille-Feuille are those french vanilla custard cakes you find at fancy cafés and bakeries, they are light, fluffy and delicate with tons of flavour complexity. Well this juice delivers an exact replication of these tasty little cakes. Think of this as a Vanilla Custard vape on crack, it’s light, full flavoured with individual notes of Vanilla, Custard, Delicate Pastry, Icing Sugar, Coco, and even a little Berry.

This might just be a new paradigm in Custards, we aren’t quite sure how it’s accomplished but it has all the flavour of a thick, gunky custard without being as dense and overbearing. Whether it’s a creaminess or a fluffiness, it’s just light, yet complex. This is a must buy, get some as soon as you can.